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Puffed pastry seems to be difficult recipe. But this is a simple and easy way to make puffed pastry. Though a little tedious process, worth a try as the end result is just awesome. Do try this puffed patry at home and drop a comment for me. Do not forget to like, share and subscribe.

• 3 cups Maida / All purpose flour
• 1 tsp Lemon juice
• Salt to taste
• Ice cold water
• 200 gm Frozen butter

• Grate the frozen butter directly into maida with the help of a
• Mix well with spatula. Add salt and mix well.
• Add lemon juice into ice cold water.
• Add ice cold water a little at a time into maida and mix it well.
• Continue adding water until maida comes together as dough.
• When maida begins to come together, knead with hands to make
• Transfer the dough into a zip lock bag and seal it.
• Transfer the bag into freezer for about 20 minutes.
• After 20 minutes, take the dough out of the bag.
• Dust the platform with a little plain flour.
• Put the dough on the flour and roll it into a rectangle.
• If it is difficult to roll then pound the dough with the help of rolling
• Take another 100 gm butter. This should be freeze cold and not at
room temperature.
• Place the butter at the center of the rolled dough and fold the
sides over each other.
• Again roll the block with the help of rolling pin.
• First pound it down a little with the help of rolling pin so that it
becomes easier to roll.
• Roll it again.
• When it rolled into rectangle, fold the sides again to make a
smaller rectangle.
• Transfer it into a zip lock bag and seal it.
• Transfer the bag into freezer for about 20 minutes more.
• Take the roll out and roll it again into a rectangle.
• Fold it over again and transfer into zip lock bag.
• Seal the bag and transfer it into freezer for another 15 minutes.
• Repeat this process for at least 7-8 times.
• If you find the butter is coming out from any side then take some
dough from other side and patch it up at that side from which
butter is coming out.
• After repeating the process of rolling folding, resting in deep
freeze for 7 times again roll the dough into a rectangle.
• Roll it into a rectangle of about 1/2” thickness.
• Cut it into 3 equal portions.
• Take one of the portions and roll it out.
• Keep it aside and roll remaining 2 portions.
• Take a wax paper and put 1 rolled portion on it.
• Put another wax paper and another pastry.
• Place the 3rd pastry and cover it with wax paper.
• Transfer everything into a zip lock bag and seal it.
• If you want to use the pastry immediately put it in freeze for about
an hour and it is ready to use.
• You can put in deep freeze for about a month or so.
• While using take the frozen pastry out of freeze, let it come to
room temperature and use it.

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  1. nice receipe but very much time consuming n too much butter nt good for health minded people….thank u for showing us☺


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