Raw foodism was pretty trendy in the early teens. I personally think that any fad diet that isn’t based in sound science and requires you to severely restrict what you eat is not something you should embrace for the long term…with some exceptions, of course. I went raw for just one week to see what it was like, not to advocate for the diet. It was meant to be a fun experiment.

The most difficult part of this experiment was actually my inability to drink hot tea in the morning (and tea in general, for the caffeine.) The raw food/mostly vegan part was actually not that bad, since I only did it for a week and this was during the hottest part of the summer, where cold food feels really nice.

I did a few more “challenge” weeks after this and hope to do many more, including “challenge” months!…and maybe even get my boyfriend involved…

Originally uploaded: Summer, 2014

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