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Fed up with being sick, overweight, and tired? By adopting a healthy raw diet based around fruits and vegetables you can supercharge your life and reach new levels of vitality without expensive supplements, super foods, or hours wasted in the kitchen making complicated recipes.shed weight quickly and get a new lease on life with this high-energy Andrew Perlot explains how he lost more than 60 pounds and overcame the intestinal disease colitis by changing what he ate, and how you can do it too.some of the topics covered in this book include:* Exactly what to eat, and how much.* Why the foods most people consume today leave them fat, tired, and disease prone.* A detailed guide to weight loss that covers what you should do if the usual strategies aren’t working.* How to avoid the common pitfalls which cause most raw foodists to fail.* Detailed case studies following those who have followed this program to weight loss success and health improvement.* Conquering the mental side of following a raw food diet.* Tasty recipes that will leave you totally satisfied.* How to shop for a raw food diet so you save lots of money and effort.* Why our evolution has left us primed for raw fruit and vegetable consumption.* A detailed appendix answering the common questions new raw foodists have.


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