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About this video: Jennifer Mac shares her Raw Massaged Kale Salad by Wonder Woman // JMAC Superhero Episode 01. Learn about Jennifer Mac Superheroes, Jennifer Mac Superhero, JMAC superhero, and JMAC superheroes. Want to be deliciously healthy? A character that looks like Wonder Women kale salad. Similar to Wonder Woman massaged kale salad.

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  1. Hahaha! Nice performance really praiseworthy. ??? Getting more n more good at editing. *Jmac the Superhero* excellent content keep it up ???

  2. I love that we can all look in the mirror and be our own Heroes, Wonder Woman definitely saved the day lol

    Great energy!!!

    • I’m planning to show up as other characters to experiment. Mainly trying to differentiate myself from someone else who does recipes. That’s probably the challenge for all of us entrepreneurs… how to brand ourselves and market it.

    • JENNIFER MAC you should, why Wonder Woman and how do you personally connect to that character! I think that should be the theme from now on, people in youtube can Remember you as Wonder Woman ????

    • JENNIFER MAC haha, I was sore from just the walk!!
      I love the concept! I think you, er, not you, but WW could do a lot with it!:)

    • Hey T thanks so much. Open to ideas on how to improve the whole concept. Gosh I’m sore – Friday was gem state + Danik + walk with u haha

  3. Figures you were the secret identity to my all time favourite Super Hero.. ? Super Hotttt ?.. Jennifer Mac is my Super Hero aheheh ? ? ❤️ ?

    • Well whomever your super hero is.. I’m sorry I have 2 say it.. She’s kindaa super hotttttttttt ? ???.. But most importantly super caringgggg

    • It indeed was your superhero coming to your rescue! I really liked liked this video. I saw another aspect of you! So full of creativity! I’m glad you were being helped out. U deserve it ?.. Super Wonderful U


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