Sweet and satisfying vegan nut-free cheesecake made without dairy, gluten, or refined sugar. Recipe below ⬇️




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  1. Audrey I am a big fan of your cakes. Is there any tips to use springform pans ? Do I have to line them with parchment or will there be any issue to unmould them ? If I use a regular cake pan with parchment and try to pull the cake carefully outside will there be any issue ? Can you please share your insight on the type of pans and most frequently used sizes . I am beginning to make raw cakes ..

    • Unconventional Baker Audrey , thanks so much for the response. I am new to raw cakes and during my first experience , I used a regular pan with parchment enough to pull the cake out, but the parchment became slightly wet. I somehow managed to get the cake out. So sure, I will try without the linings and see once with a springform. Yet to buy one.

    • Hi Smitha. Thanks so much 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the cakes. I don’t usually line my springform pans for raw cakes — they tend to unmold just fine without it. I just take them out of the freezer and let them thaw out about 5 mins, then unmold. Not using parchment gives the cakes smoother edges. That said, you could line them with parchment if you prefer doing that for any reason — in that case I’d do a circle of parchment along the base and a strip of parchment going around the edges. I do sometimes make raw cakes in a regular freezer-safe container, and in those cases I line the container with a single sheet of parchment that I tuck in neatly — just make sure you leave enough of an edge sticking out of the container to pull the cake out of the pan with. Then for those cakes I usually trim away the uneven edges with a knife to create a smooth look. I have a list of the types of pans I use most frequently here:

      I tend to use smaller pan sizes on the blog because I make so many desserts and also because I find that raw desserts don’t need to be big. That said I have an older high profile Vitamix model that enables me to do that, since it has a narrow pitcher at the bottom and works well with small batch recipes. If you have one of the newer low profile Vitamixes (or another blender with a wide pitcher at the bottom) then you might need to triple or sometimes quadruple the tiny recipes in order to have enough substance in the blender to get it to work. So if you have a wide pitcher blender, you might want to either get several smaller pans to make several tiny cakes or one larger one to make a bigger cake. There’s a raw cake multiplication guide to help with downsizing or upsizing a recipe on my blog usually at the bottom of all the cake recipes, so use that as a guide.

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