Welcome back to Day 3. Breakfast was a really simple Acai bowl/smoothie. Not too much for lunch just some carrot juice. For dinner was my version of raw vegan tacos. So delicious! 🌱😆

My Official 30 Day Raw Vegan Challenge for my subscribers starts January 1, 2019! Gear up and get ready! We are going to go full speed, i will link my Facebook group on December 15th to gather everyone that’s interested in one place. I will have face book live video streams as well as the open forum for us to chat and support each other. Join me December 15 for the Raw Vegan Challenge that starts January 1st. Follow my Instagram linked below for more updates. See you soon 😉!

Raw Vegan Tacos Recipe Blog Post:

Raw Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe Blog Post :

Fattoush Salad:

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  1. I loooove your channel. You try some of the most interesting ingredients that make food taste like real meat. I would like to be vegan but I am not a creative cook, so I eat basic stuff like beans, and the fake meats for proteins but their high sodium is really bad for my HBP. Thanks for making it easier for me to make tasty, beautiful vegan dishes!🤗

  2. This looks so so good. I stopped eating meat over a yr & a half ago. But that hasn’t kept me from snacking on all sorts of other things. I really need to get back to being a full vegan. I really want to do this for my health. I also wanted to attempt making your turkeyless turkey but I’ve been too chicken🙀😆😆😆. Thanks again for the inspiration:)

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