Welcome Back Food Family! Day number eight of my 30 day raw vegan challenge. My sincerest apologies for the week long delay on videos. I finally sorted some technical difficulties I was having as a result of my faulty external hard drive. In either case I am back and with a double feature today. I’m going to pump these videos out as fast as I can for more raw vegan food inspiration. The challenge is coming up soon January 1st to be exact and if your joining me, you definately want to join my facebook group linked below I will be doing facebook live broadcast on wht I am eating daily for my challenge… I am super excited! Be sure to join Vegan world of food linked below.

My Official 30 Day Raw Vegan Challenge for my subscribers starts January 1, 2019! Gear up and get ready! We are going to go full speed, i will link my Facebook group on December 15th to gather everyone that’s interested in one place. I will have face book live video streams as well as the open forum for us to chat and support each other. Join me December 15 for the Raw Vegan Challenge that starts January 1st. Follow my Instagram linked below for more updates. See you soon 😉!

Raw Vegan Pizza Recipe:

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  1. Delicious I want to know how you come up with all these amazing dishes there are new for me I’m becoming a vegan I like to know how I can become a better cook well you know making raw food please help

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