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Finally, after more than a year of research, consultations, trial and error, simplifying, sourcing the cheapest yet effective functional and nutritional ingredients and litres and litres of shakes consumed, I present to you a fool-proof meal replacement shake recipe.

If you are lactose-intolerant, instead of using milk, use coffee and a generous knob of butter – it’ll then taste of mocha. In this case, it tastes pretty good hot, too!

The important thing is not to use any sugar at all, as sugar (glucose, sucrose, and etc) will give you a spike in your blood sugar. Sugar is poison! Well, actually, according to Paracelsus, everything is poison, its just a matter of dose. Drink 20 litres of water at one go, and its a lethal dose. The problem with sugar is that it has such a narrow therapeutic window; exceed the limit ever so slightly and your health will very quickly end up in trouble.

Many thanks to my biochemist foodie and juicer buddy Adibah Azhari for her many hours of patient tutorials explaining the basics and differences between fatty acids, MCT and polysaccharides, to Datuk Dr Hashim Bin Abdul-Wahab for his inspiration and kind advice when I visited him at his home in Bangi last year. You all have been so kind, helpful and so sharing of your learned knowledge and wisdom — I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends…

If you try this recipe, please give your feedback in the comments — if the response is awesome, I will endeavour to commercialise this product. About six months ago, Vishen Lakhiani made a video showing how much sugar there is in Milo, a cocoa drink so commonly consumed in Malaysia, so misleading touted as a health tonic.


Vishen Lakhiani’s video I referenced above:

I’m offering my formula as a sugar-free and tastier alternative.



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