Reform cake

10 eggs
For the dough
10 ounces of walnuts
1 and a half tbsp flour
3.5 of raisins
1 ounce of rum
10 tbsp of sugar
For the filling
5 ounces of dark chocolate
8 tbsp of sugar
5 ounces of butter
For the decoration
10 ounces of yogurt
2 ounces of crushed walnuts

For today’s dessert we recommend preparing the reform cake
Add some rum to your raisins
Smash the walnuts using a
Crack the eggs and divide the yolks from the eggs
Put the egg whites in a mixing bowl and the egg yolks in another bowl
Mix the egg whites
Add 10 tbsp of sugar
Put the mixed egg whites in another bowl
Put some flour in the crushed walnuts and mix
Add the mixture in the egg whites foam
Add the raisings and the rum and mix
Take a baking pan and cover the surface with butter
Put the entire mixture in the pan and bake or 20 minutes at 175
For the filling
While mixing the egg yolks and add 8 tbsp of sugar
Once the sugar melts stop mixing
Put the mixture in a pan and bake it on steam
Add baking chocolate in the pan and mix with until the chocolate melts
Once the cream gets a good consistency stop boiling
Take out the dough from the oven and cut it vertically
Place one half onto a plate
Add butter in the pan with the cream and mix until the butter melts
Put the filling on top of the first half of the dough
After putting the second layer of dough, cover the entire cake with the leftover filling
Mix some white cream until it gets foamy
Use the foam to decorate the cake
For decoration you can also use crushed walnuts
Let it cool down for about 10 minutes
Bon appétit


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