Demonstration on making rough puff pastry, in a few easy to follow steps. This is a great substitute for puff pastry and takes much less time to make.


All the recipes on my blog:


  1. Two hours or 4 to six …….
    to make it / while this is wonderful im sure but seriously Geoff i have ‘ nt got that long to live .( .just kidding)all joking aside this is what i would like to do when i retire , so i love to watch you hard at work @tomorrow when i do my weekly shop guess what will be in my trolley !!!xxx♡♡♡

    • Hi Gillian, two hour was actually an over estimate. It can be done in less than an hour. But shop bought is fine, if you can get the all butter puff pastry. Personally I prefer to make my own as I get the richness I want in the pastry. I have racked my rather tiny brain for what might be in your shopping trolley and can only come up with Spam. LOLOLOLOL.


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