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Strawberry Fresh
70VG / 30PG
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 6%
Strawberry Ripe (TFA) 5%
Fuji (FA) 1%

Total Flavor: 12%

Strawberry Rush
65VG / 35PG
Strawberry (FW) 5%
Strawberry “Redtouch”(FA) 4%
Dragonfruit (TFA) 3%

Total Flavor: 12%

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Shake and Vape [Strawberry] 2 Fresh DIY Eliquid Recipes


  1. For me personally, Red touch with 4% is too high..
    Try to combine it with strawberry ripe TFA at 3% and Red touch at 1% then add 3% of sweet strawberry.
    Add Bavarian cream at 3% and Vanilla bean ice cream at 2% for the dairy note.
    1 week steep and it paid off. IMO

  2. thank you for so much great info. I have the ingredients for both of these and will be mixing them up, I’m sure there great.

  3. It is awesome that you give us so much great information and recipes. These two shake and Vape recipes are really cool and sound great. I will mix both and post my comments. Thanks for everything man, we appreciate it. Really excited to see what you have coming up.


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