Hi friends welcome to Anu’s Kitchen.Today I am sharing Sharjah Shake Recipe.We can make this Sharjah milk shake with easily available ingredients in no time.So lets see how to make this easy milk shake.
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ഷാർജ ഷേക്ക് തയ്യാറാക്കാം

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Frozen milk-2 cups/400 ml
Peanut chikki/kappalandi mittai-3 big pieces(or use handful of roasted peanuts)
Horlicks-2 tablespoons
Coffee powder-1/4 tspn
Banana-2 small
Sugar-as needed

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  1. Very nice Anu, I love all your recipes and love the way you explain. I made pathiri seeing your video and it came out good for the first time. Thank you!


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