Shortcrust pastry is a no roll pie crust used in many Argentine pies. Known as “masa sablee” or “masa quebrada” in Spanish, or “masa frola” in Argentina, this shortcrust pastry has a moist yet crumbly texture due to the amount of butter and sugar. Lemon zest and extract are also added to make the pie crust more flavorful than most. If you hate rolling out pie crust, then this shortcrust pastry recipe is the perfect pie crust for you.

For more information about Argentine and Southern USA recipes, please visit my recipe:


  1. These pies at the end of the video look very tempting 😃 I can’t wait to see other pie recipes!

    • Thank you! Not only are the pies easy to make with the no roll shortcrust crust, but they are also delicious! Recipes coming soon! 👍

    • It is very simple! Like I said, I do what the “Nonna” does, and I don’t roll out the pie crust, haha😉👌

  2. This looks easy, thanks!! For savory recipes, like chicken pot pie, meat turnovers, would you leave out the sugar in the dough? Thanks!!

    • It is easy!
      Although you could make it without sugar, I think that you may have to adjust the flour, as well as other ingredients as well. If you want something with less guesswork, here is a recipe by Gordon Ramsey:

    • Haha now that you know how to make the shortcrust pastry, you can make the other Argentinian recipes coming soon! 👌

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