Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I am here with a new recipe
Spinach roll pie recipe
I prepared the spinach I had pre-boiled
Chop the bulbs in a long length
I add the onions I cook to the pot
I add one liter of liquid sunflower oil
Chop little scalded spinach
It will be better to be thirsty
You can use frozen spinach
You can see the difference between fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables
We cook some onions
Add the spices of pepper flakes pepper salt and add some sugar
I mixed the spinach after I mixed it
I prepare the sauce I will add into the pie
I break thirty eggs
I will prepare forty pans
A total of one hundred and fifty
I add two kilos of yogurt
I add four liters of milk
One liter liquid sunflower oil
I am dividing the domestic spar
Everything is ready ready for the brioche tray
I use ready-made yufka breads
I add the fruity I prepare and wet the yufak
I wet the second graders
I add equal amounts of spinach
I add sauce again, the inside of the pies will not be dry
I roll the pastry rolls
I’m adding bread rolls
I’ll add a big tray and twelve pies
I add sauce again on the pastries
You can add sesame to your wish
I prepared a total of five tray pies
I will bake pastries
Cook forty minutes or one hour at medium
I add water on the pastries and I wait 15 minutes
Börekler ready for servicing
Thank you so much for watching the video


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