0:52hello friends
0:54mking sponge cake today
0:56ingredients r 2 eggs,butter 4 ounce /113.5 g,sugar 1 cup,flour 1-1/2 cup,baking powder 2tsp,milk 1/2 and 1/4 cup,vanilla essence half tsp
1:32blend eggs until double in size,for soft cake
1:37making cake in pizza tray in utensil on steam
1:59add oil,milk ,essence n sugar in blender
2:41added 2 tsp baking powder in all purpose flor
2:43mix dry ingredients well
2:59added half tsp essence in jug
3:06fold dry ingredients with wet jug ingredients
3:12do folding /mixing with hands for best result
3:48switch on ga put any oven stand or ring in bottom then cake/ pizza tray for making cake
3:55i greased pizza tray n butter paper with oil then pour cake batter into pizza tray
4:06added or puted pizza tray on stand ,no any water in utensil,just bake in utensil like oven
4:17see steam cake
4:21removed butter paper,with in hour its cooked,
4:30cuted pastry rectangles n squares ,cuted by middle horizontally too
4:42making icing by whipping whip cream blending
4:44watch my cake icing/frosting video
5:00i filled icing in piping bag
5:43do icing
5:45decorated with banana ,cherries,chocalate chips
6:48thnku for watching
6:50do subscribe,its free

Published on Apr 2, 2017


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