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welcome to my kitchen friends in this video I will show you how to make rainbow pastry without oven .
it’s a steam rainbow pastry in this recipe you no need to Bake cake.
cake texture is same like we bake in oven so soft fluffy moist cake.
ap cake bnate hn stove pr yn phr oven mien to buht zyada time lgta hi kabhi kabhi to jal bhi jata hi kabhi kacha rh jata hi to ab ap bina kisi tns k ye rainbow cake steam krien aur pastry bnien buht hi acha bhi dikhta hi aur taste mien bhi buht hi maze ka banta hi.
For recipe Ingridients you need:
eggs 3
sugar 100grm
vanilla essence 1 tsp
oil 75 ml
milk 30 ml
salt 1/2 tsp
self raising flour 100 grm
corn flour 20 grm

for more info watch full video till end
Thank you
Kitchen with Fatima

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