In the Turkish/Mediterranean cuisine there are so many different kinds of boreks that we’ll eventually cover here but I wanted to start with our favorite: The crispy oven baked one from my dear cousin Hülya (we call this recipe at home Hülya Ablas Börek :P) Of course you can fill this with whatever you like!

3 sheets of filo pastry
200 ml heavy cream | 1 cup
1 egg
a small plate of bread crumbs
For the filling in our borek:
Boiled potatoes
Well seasoned roasted onions

*How to make it*
1. Prepare the filling. We roasted the onions, mashed the potatoes and mixed the rest into it.
2. Spread the filo pastry onto each other and pour the heavy cream over it.
3. Cut the filo pastry into more or less equal long triangles. Our filo pastry is round so we cut it constantly in half until we got 16 pieces.
4. Put a small amount of the filling on the broad end of the pastry and roll them up.
5. Whisk the egg and dunk the pastry in it until it is completely covered.
6. Roll the borek in the bread crumbs until completely covered and place them on a baking sheet.
7. Bake at 180 C / 355 F for about 20-30 minutes / until the borek gets a golden brown color.
8. Don’t burn your mouth while eating it.

*The filling doesn’t need to be complicated. You can of course just put in a pieces of cheese or only boiled potatoes in it. Fillings with meat are great too!

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