This video is a part of my series : Cook or Prepare Once and Eat more than once.
Bhakri dough can be stored up to 4 days in refrigerator and enjoy hot Bhakri with Chai anytime!
Bhakri is my everyday breakfast with Masala Chai and it was a time for me to revitalize traditional recipe so that I can eat without guilt. I stared blending superfood ingredients like Almond meal, Flax meal to my everyday Bhakris. I make variety of Bhakris like Tuvar(Pigeon peas), Methi Bhaji (Fenugreek), Suva Bhaji (Dill), Spinach and so on…
For every 1 cup of wheat flour, I take 1/4 cup superfood blend. Some other flour like multigrain, or oat can be used as well.
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  1. that so damn perfect. the precision n affection u put in ur food bhav is just out of this world. i will so glad that i subscribe to you. after watching the air fryer videos i made my husband to buy one for me. it works out great n make life easy n less washing. love you bhavna.

  2. Yummy Bhavna! Wished you lived closer so you can make them for me 😊
    Can I use almond milk or any other nut milk in this recipe ?


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