Overall: 8/10

Good introduction on the world of superfoods and their functionality within a diet. There are plenty of recipes for every type of meal that predominately are vegan. The ingredient list will be costly at first, but will last a long time. Good initial ideas on how to incorporate more superfoods into recipes, although it is slightly intermediate on the skill level to execute.


+ + + Meals are raw, vegan, and healthy

+ + Explanations of all the superfoods are excellent and concise

+ Recipes allow for variation with pairings mentioned


– – Intermediate skill level required to cook some of the recipes

– Purchasing all the superfoods can be costly up front. No progression utilizing only a handful to start is presented.

Superfood Kitchen by Julie Morris Book:

Navitas Gluten Free Superfood Snack: Goji acai flavor if you dont have time to cook or are traveling.

Navitas Daily Superfood Boost Powder: When you need a little extra health benefits in a meal.

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