Overall: 7.5/10
A solid beginner’s guide to superfoods and the basic recipes, Julie Morris’s Superfood Kitchen makes it easier to put nutrient dense superfoods into your diet. All recipes are vegan friendly classics in which superfoods have been added to increase health benefits such as: Immunity, anti-aging, bone strength, lower blood sugar, and more. She hits her objective, but this is not an all encompassing bible for superfoods as additional resources are needed.

+ Recipes are easy to make for vegan beginners
++ Clearly states additional health benefits that each smoothie provides
+++ Good variety of dishes for a truly healthier meal plan

– Initial investment is over $100 to build up your Superfood Pantry. Superfoods do last longer than normal foods however.
– Recipes may be straightforward, but a beginner/novice will need to buy a lot of extra ingredients
– – Additional Resources at the back is limited

Superfood Smoothies by Julie Morris

Acai Powder: Top 15 Superfood by Julie that I frequently use

Supergreens Powder: All around healthy superfoods powder

Cacao Powder: For chocolate taste and healthy benefits

Goji Berries: Sweeter taste with antioxidants

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