Overall: 8.25/10

Good companion to Superfood Kitchen for more smoothie ideas for different seasons of the year. These recipes require a decent amount of investment into different superfoods, but ultimately will lead to a healthier diet. These recipes will lead to increased bone health, anti-ageing, better immunity, better skin, more hair…etc.


+ + + Has all the favorite smoothies in a healthier recipe than the classics

+ + Beginning of the book goes over the specific superfoods for smoothies as well as low glycemic index sweeteners

+ + Different varieties of texture for smoothies plus additional ingredients listed per recipe to increase the superfood intake


– – No showcase recipe that is a must taste. All recipes are solid, but no Golden State Warriors excellence of them all

– Initial investment must be at least 10 superfoods in order to make even a few recipes

Superfood Soups by Julie Morris Book:

Navitas Lucuma Powder: Low glycemic sweetener with mild maple flavoring for smoothies

Navitas Hemp Protein Powder: I use this for a vegan friendly protein boost to most smoothies with a neutral flavor

Navitas Camu Camu Powder: For a shot of natural energy

Navitas Maca Powder: For warrior like energy and resiliency

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  1. If you were on the show lost, and Jacob granted you one smoothie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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