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Prepare a very delicious dessert with semolina eggs and sherbet
materials for yoghurt desserts
sugar for sherbet
sugar for dessert dough
 egg flour salt lemon and vanilla
liquid sunflower oil and carbonate
 Prepare the sweet syrup first
Three lemon juices for sherbet
and eight kilos of sugar added to sauce for sherbet
add ten liters of boiling water and stir
boil for half an hour on the quarry
now prepare the dough’s dough
forty-five eggs break
 add a kilo of sugar and mix with egg
add thirty grams of vanilla
add thirty grams of salt
add one and a half liters of liquid sunflower oil
add five kilos of yogurt
 add three kilos of semolina and mix thoroughly
Add two and a half pounds and mix thoroughly
add one hundred grams of carbonate
Add to the oven trays after mixing the tamam
cook in the same way as baking cakes
fry in the middle until the pink color on top
you need to cool the syrup
first make a sherry and let it cool
Add the sweet syrup from the oven
sweet hot lube will be cold or sweet and mellow may be warm
After the sweet syrup is completely piquant and cool
cut in equal parts
we cut it to be a portion of a piece
we add plenty of coconut on top
I added chocolate sauce on top of the presentation but the sugar content could be very high
You can add cream or walnuts to your appetite
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