This chocolate zucchine cake is the MOST amazing chocolate cake you could imagine! You would NEVER guess that this insanely moist chocolate cake has zucchini in it! The hidden vegetable really just adds a lot of moisture to the cake without altering the super chocolatey flavor. I can’t even tell you how good the whipped chocolate buttercream is. You just have to make this cake. Or you can make regular zucchini bread, up to you I guess. 😂

Full Recipe:

The cake is super-fudgy, full of chocolate chipps and that buttercream is just magical, I think it has JUST the right proportion of cocoa powder, butter, salt and sugar. Would this be one of your favorite zucchini recipes?

Chocolate cake decorating is so fun when you have a few different chocolate textures to play with. I loved how the ganache, shards, cocoa powder and butter cream come together to make this cake look as mouth watering as it tastes!



  1. 🤤🤤 I’m totally making this next week!!!
    Will it turned out this pretty? Don’t think so hahahaha what matters is the taste right? 🤣

  2. Oh! I can not find brown sugar like you get in the States but we have Mascabado, it doesn’t stick together like brown sugar does though. Have you any experience with using it in place of brown sugar?

  3. I love that we occasionally get to hear your kids in the background. I would like to see a kid centric video, something that focuses on a fun recipe to do with them.
    And can we see some uses for aguafaba? I have a ton in my freezer right now because I love hummus! LoL

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