This video episode is about the Ultimate Braised Pig’s Trotter: Pata Tim! Your ‘The Montero World Kitchen’ host, Jerry, will show you a special recipe that you will only find here. He created it for you! Based on traditional Filipino cuisine and ingredients, Jerry’s cooking methodology was inspired by a great 3 Star Michelin Chef, the legendary Mr. Pierre Koffmann. Jerry thought: “Why not combine the 2 great worlds together and create something special?” So he did. He hopes that his recipes could help elevate the Filipino cuisine in the entire world! Jerry’s Ultimate Pata Tim is a savory dish made by braising the pig’s trotters in stocks and seasonings for hours until the pork absorbs the flavors and is falling-off-the-bone tender, shiny and is glazed by a perfect mahogany colored sauce. Jerry filled the trotters with chicken mousse-sweetbread stuffing, thus the inspiration from Chef Koffmann, which makes this recipe a Michelin Star-worthy dish. He created a classic Nose-to-Tail eating gastronomic experience that your friends, loved ones and especially your husband or wife will enjoy. Happy Eating!!!