Check out this tasty compilation of flower vegan cakes that are too pretty to eat!

Juliana is a confectioner from Germany, she is vegan for nearly 20 years.
When Juliana first switched to a vegan diet many years ago, she did it for health reasons and therefore she jumped straight into a raw vegan lifestyle.

But soon Juliana became a ethical vegan cause she loves animals so much.She always has been wanting to combine her passion for raw food with a profession and since Juliana loves cakes so much she started her business for raw vegan cakes 4 years ago.

At the beginning she only “painted” her cakes with different mandalas and designs but soon she has been wanting to pipe beautiful flowers like those you can find on buttercream cakes.
Therefore invented her own Cashewbuttercream three years ago and managed to pipe her own Cashewcreme flowers!

Juliana really loves her job cause she can be creative all day long and she can show the world that raw vegan and vegan cakes can be as colorful and pretty as regular ones!


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