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For those 364 days each year and 365 days in a Leap Year, you need to have a special cake recipe to celebrate your non birthday or unbirthday, Also use this cake recipe to celebrate your non anniversaries. Celebrate the days you did not get married or graduate from school. Also if it isn’t Mother’s Day or Fathers Day you can surprise your parents with an Unmothers Day or Unfathers day. You especially want to celebrate your unbirthday and this recipe helps you to do just that. Eat and enjoy. It is delicious.


  1. With the chocolate chips, you can sprinkle a tiny bit INTO the baking pan before you bake so you have chocolate chips inside.

  2. Your videos remind me of old youtube before it became the pozzed nightmare it is today. Everything gets ruined over time, but at least we still have based youtubers like Featureman. As long as we have such heros, all of our youtube will be defended.

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