Spring rolls are a large variety of filled, rolled appetizers or dim sum found in East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine.
In Chinese cuisine, spring rolls are savoury rolls with cabbage and other vegetable fillings inside a thinly wrapped cylindrical pastry.

– Take a pan, add 2 spoon oil.
– Add 1 spoon chopped garlic.
– 1 spoon grated ginger.
– 1 sliced onion.
– 1 cup thin matchstick slices of carrot.
– 1 cup thin matchstick slices of capsicum.
– 1/2 cup biased cut beans.
– 1 cup chopped cabbage.
– Salt to taste.
– 1/2 spoon pepper.
– 2 spoon soya sauce.
– 2 spoon chilli sauce.
– 1/2 cup spring onion.
– 1 cup boiled noodles.
– Mix it and stir fry on fast heat.

– Take a bowl, add 1.5 cup maida(White flour).
– Add 1/2 cup cornflour.
– Salt to taste.
– 2 spoon oil.
– Mix it with water and prepare a tight dough.
– Make small balls.
– Roll the balls into thin sheet.
– Put the stuffing, roll it and seal it with the help of water.

– Take a pan, add oil to fry.
– Fry the rolls on medium heat till light brown and crispy.
– Spring rolls are ready to serve with schezwan sauce.

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