I have to give 100% of the credit her to Lauren Toyota at Hot for Food for this recipe. It was the first recipe I made when I went vegan, and fast forward to today, I’m still vegan. I have taken her original recipe and ran with it a bit, turning the artichoke heart “crab” cakes into delicious sliders that are perfect to serve to your carnivorous friends. To balance out the brightness of the cakes, I have created a spicy maple-dijon sauce that turn these already profound cakes into disappearing party food.

For the full recipe, go to:

Instagram: @monsonmadethis

Videography by Inseider Media

Graphic Design by Adam Blasco
Instagram: @adamblasco

Sunday Service
By Ryan Little


  1. Those look amazing! When you mentioned you were going to fry them, I thought you meant deep fry – glad you didn’t. Don’t you love Lauren Toyota? I love the way she tastes everything at the end – food is so joyous.


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