Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon Pie (Vegan Hot Water Pastry)

Sometimes it’s nice to see the process as opposed to just the refined finished product. So with this video and recipe, I wanted to take y’all along on my journey as I tested out this savory mushroom pie for the first time. This is by no means a finished recipe. I have a few kinks to work out. But I wanted to post it just in case anyone is interested in making the filling, which is amazing, or if anyone can diagnose my problems?

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  1. I preface this by saying that I mean no offense; you seem to know what you’re doing, but, a few suggestions: Increase volume of ingredients by 25-30%. Dice the ingredients to medium, rather than small, dice. Once the mushrooms, potatoes, and aromatics are cooked through–and they must be, as any residual moisture will add to the liquid volume in the baking step–drain the solids in a colander, reserving the cooking liquid, and return that to the pot to reduce by 1/3 before adding a thicker slurry, cooking to set, and then recombining with solids. Let the filling cool to warm temperature before filling the dough so that the starches cool slightly before being reheated, which will help them to set as the pie cools. Bear in mind that in pies like this, the pastry was a coffin used as a covered vessel for stew, with the pastry generally left uneaten and reused for another pie. So that you made an edible crust is a step up : ) Thanks For Posting!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! This looks DIVINE! And your photography skills are on point! I’d say maybe brush the top with some vegan butter or olive oil and sea salt would give you the color you’re looking for. I could learn a lot from you! New sub, half because I like your video half because your have an epic beard like my husband so you must be an awesome dude! Looking forward to many more videos!!!

    • HAHA! Thank you for the follow and all of the compliments. I will definitely be brushing the top with something next time. That seems to be the general consensus.

  3. That is the only show I will watch on tv. Absolutely adore it. Would live for you to do a fine tuned video once you perfect this. I would LOVE to make this for my omni hubby and 4 boys. The Hot Water Crust has amazed me for some time now. Thank you so much for doing things in real time and not all “perfect”. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • +Monson Made This I’ll have to find a more simple version of something I could practice with. Afraid I’d mess that whole pie up

    • Thank you! I definitely need to work on it a bit before I serve it to guests, but yeah, that hot water dough is really cool. I was even surprised at how buttery the crust tasted. I’m so inspired by it.

  4. You are my absolute favourite vegan chef so I’m confident you know what you’re doing. Bit if advice from a British person along with all the other suggestions. First relax, second Great British Bake Off tends to over complicate simple dishes so go with how you’d usually make a pastry and a stew then follow the method that you did to build a pie. Lastly I brush a bit of plant milk on top and wack on the oven high and the pie with careful supervision tends to cook within 30 mins Max. Lastly always remember to let it cool a bit (I’m talking from burnt mouth experience 😁). Well done for having a go, thumbs up all the way from London UK 👍👍

    • Monson, you sir are a genius if you love a complicated dish. Just shows your professional at what you do. They did do a vegan cake episode a few weeks back so if you have a go at that bet you’ll be a whizz at it. 😋

    • Thank you! I appreciate the love and advice. Brushing the top with something seems like the solution. Bake Off is such a great show. I actually love how insanely complicated they make things; gives me something to work towards.

  5. This looks wonderful! I loved this video. It was quirky and funny but so so real. I must try this but I’ll wait for the updated version.

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