1. Oh yes 😀 Mucus. Juice for breakfast is always a powerful cleanser for me. I get mucus out from my thyroid, sinus and i have weird green/yellow stuff in my stools ? ? At least it’s coming out.

  2. orange and grapefruit juice every day first and ohh yea, I get lots of mucus out.lemons are so powerful to,I make mine so strong!fruit power! beautiful as always Alka .much love

    • when my family goes shopping for me it seems everyone is asking and wondering about my diet. I always tell my fam to spread the info on fruit ,my heath and journey and that we all can heal . be the change,spread the love 🙂

  3. Random comment but while i was out i saw this old logo and thought you could adapt the idea to your name. It’s a logo on an old car. Look up on google images and type in “Super Bee” an idea for your name and logo “Alka Bee”. R&D: rip of and Deploy. or Memorize and then Personalize. Keep up the great videos!!!

  4. Hi! I am new in your channel and I would like to know what kind of food my baby ( 6months old ) can start to eat ? Thank you!


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