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  1. Same here, didn’t like raw kale to start with, but in winter loving a head of kale for me salad. I use tahini and lemon for a dressing, like it with red onion and red pepper.

  2. I’m not big on kale in salads, but I do love kale chips, which I make myself in my dehydrator. They dry in a spicy cheese-like sauce, and I dry them until the kale is nice and crunchy! I take them to the gym and pass them around to friends who think it’s the craziest thing they’ve ever seen. They all seem to like them though, and eat them up.

  3. If nuts can mold if not all the way dry, does that mean my raw, organic sunflower seeds in pantry will mold quickly? Shelf life? Should I just store in freezer?

    • No, I meant because I soaked them. If you store nuts/seeds that have been soaked without drying them, then they are prone to growing mold. Although many nuts/seeds can have mold on them already when you buy them, which is why I suggest people to at least soak or rinse them well before eating them 🙂 It’s not a bad idea to store nuts/seeds in the feezer though as that will prevent them from going rancid if you don’t use them very quickly.

  4. Yum! Pizza seasoning! Who knew! Can’t wait to try it! I know what you mean about the kale… fast becoming my fave too… Love it chopped real fine like that.. sometimes I mis it 1/2 & 1/2 with romaine chopped the same way…. Thank you!!

  5. Do you know anything to replace onion/garlic seasonings? I have been cutting out garlic/onion from my diet since going deeper into herbalism and the natural body findings that these foods are more “medicinal” and based on herbalism in the “strong herb” category thus should not be eaten everyday because they become too stimulative on the nerves and taxing on the organs long term.
    Not sure if this applies to small amounts like in your dressings but i hear raw onion and garlic only should be used medicinally or not every day at least. I also know many Yogis, Monks and people who meditate that cut out these certain foods and some others i can’t think at the top of my head because the spike they sexual energies and similar urges and prevents them from reaching calmer/deeper states of meditation. Thank you for this, i am going to try it tonight 🙂

    • +Hypercube Happy to share ☺ I try to keep foods as satvic as possible too..love the simplicity that comes with it.

    • +Deepak Guttal I try to be as satvic as possible cause to me it seems the most natural. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • My experience with Onions,Garlic,raw peanuts, Asafoetida certainly goes with what you’ve mentioned, I do get negative feedback from my body whenever I try to incorporate them in my salads. they are indeed negative pranic foods in my experience and I fail to reach deeper states during meditation when I consume them and it also overly stimulates the libido. I have reached these inferences from years of trial and error and do not think that they are placebos.

    • +Raw Intuition Not really at the moment just what i have read over the last few years but I’ve been thinking about it over time and it sort of makes sense if you look at it this way and especially after reading this article
      Which got me thinking if you eat something and it creates very strong reactions/sensations within the body/mind like eating a raw garlic, onion, chill, mustard ect.. it doesn’t seem natural to the body on a day to day basis if the body/mind/sensations in the mouth are having a intense reaction to the food. On the other hand eating a piece of fruit or potato have a very subtle sensory reaction which indicates to my inner-knowing that this can be consumed in large quantities while something with a strong reaction should not be consumed at least daily or more medicinally or sparingly. I don’t think some seasoning from dried out herbs is going to do much but its always good to be aware of things for long term investment on health and well-being.

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