WHAT I EAT IN A DAY – RAW VEGAN | Join me on a day of juicing, eating raw, and working from home. Most of my meals are smoothies, fruit platters, raw veggies, and occasionally steamed food.

At the moment, I am trying to drink more water and keep up with my juicing routine! I’m also focusing on minimizing food waste and produce packaging.


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  1. What do you love about your current diet? Is there anything you want to incorporate more? Share with me in the comments below. I will also share the reason why I started eating raw in my upcoming Q&A / Get to know me video!

    • I’m pescatarian, and I love that my body doesn’t feel weighed-down or bloated. I avoid dairy and eggs as well, so everything I eat is vegan besides the occasional fish/seafood. I love that I’m able to live a clean and healthy life, but I have the freedom with myself to enjoy the occasional sushi or a seafood broth because those are foods I still love. I can definitely see myself becoming fully vegan in the future, but since I just started this journey a few months ago, I’m still holding on to some parts of my old diet that make me happy and feel good from the inside.

    • Currently I am not on a spefic diet. However I would like to cut down on the carbs and eat more fruits and vegetables. How did you make that transition??? It is so hard but I am trying. I guess that I still have a lot of time because I am still very young. Do you have any tips for going carb-free??

  2. Can I ask what kitchen equipment you have and use? Eg best blender and juicer? How do you steam the cooked food you consume?

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