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This is a drink I created many years ago out of my love for Baileys Irish Cream. With the addition of milk and ice cream, you end up with a rich and creamy drink. A little espresso nicely balances the sweetness.

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  1. oh yes. your vids have been good but this is great. Me and a friend always have a few bottles of Irish creme if we get together so this is going to be a great surprise. Thanks Kevin

  2. Oh….. why was I born with an allergy to alcohol! I’ve always envied people that have that glass of wine with a nice dinner, or a beer with pizza and chicken wings. ☺️ Another great recipe Kevin! Definitely looking forward to more of your food recipes! BTW…..your info-graphics rock!!

    • I guess vanilla extract is also out of the question, as it contains alcohol. Although I can’t readily think of a good replacement for Baileys, the rum in some of my drinks can be slightly imitated with molasses.

    • Thank you, Mindy’s Mom. So sorry. Trying to post a non-alcoholic TGIF Drink every second week. Next week, again a non-alcoholic one.


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